Note: Instead of using backtrack use Kali Linux | Rebirth of BackTrack, the Penetration Testing

Before you start

Before we start playing with safty tools follow the following steps :-

  1. Download btr5 KDE or GNOME o.s from here .
  2. Download Universal boot in software click here.
  3. Insert a pendrive of atleast 4GB
  4. Now run it’s exe file
  5. import iso of backtrack by browsing yor files.
  6. unetbootin


  7. unetbootin


  8. Now just click on ok and wait for processing.
  1.   Now Restart your PC and press F12 to boot from pendrive , wait for a minute when bt@root#     appears on your screen type startx to enter in windows environment.



Wow now you are in a amazing operating system .You just love it if you work on it ,its for Programmers 🙂

Enjoy programming…….



  1. i am not able to download some 1 pls help mei got the file but how to download tat universal boot . i m not able t find it

  2. hello bro am so very sorry for disturbing u evrytime, u are my best teacher that is why i always ask u for help. please i need a software that can extract Email address from Website, i have downloaded different s types of Email extractor but they dont work. so i dont know if Backtack can extract emails address form a website, i need ur help now please…

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