How to hack windows password

Change your password if you Forget it

Hello friends today we learn how to change your password if your account or change windows password is locked/you forget your password.At that time most of the people think to reinstall the window

Some peoples give it’s name creating a backdoor on your PC.Backdoor means a another way to enter in your PC. Now follow the following steps


Change your password if you Forget it
How to Change your password if you Forget it
  1. open system32( C:windowssystem32)
  2. find sethc.exe
  3. right click on sethc.exe–>properties–> security–>Edit–>allow all(check box)
  4. now rename sethc.exe to kush.exe
  5. now rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe(before that follow 1-3 steps for cmd.exe)
  6. now press shift 5 times and command prompt will open .
  7. type net users on cmd as in above image.
  8. note the username
  9. lock your pc
  10. again press shift key 5 times
  11. again cmd will open
  12. type net users <username> * on cmd
  13. enter password
  14. re-enter password
  15. password successfully changed


How it works???

Here sethc.exe file is use to on stickey keys ,when you press shift 5 times stickey keys pop up will on.

Now when you rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe and press shift 5 times ,cmd will open instead of stickey keys.

So on lock screen when you press shift 5 times you are able to open cmd even on lock screen.Now for what you are looking here just try it and do it.


That’s the problem with windows/Microsoft they still work on keywords rather then id and programming codes.Here we can easily beat microsoft 🙂



NOTE:Our aim is to aware you about security issues not to harm anyone. We are not responsible if you missuse it. 

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