It might be a bit shocking for you but TRUE!!!
The most popular ad blocking extension Ad block has been sold. And more scandalous news is the buyer of the AdBlock Extension is anonymous.
Yes it is true that the Adblocking Extension with more than 40 million users is sold to an unknown buyer.

Response of Users

Now the users of the Adblock are so annoyed with this shocking deal they are raising so many questions on the social media. The most common question is “Should I trust Adblock anymore?” and also showing their curiosity to know the name of the new owner of Adblock. Also some users are doubting that NSA is behind this deal.

What the owner said?

Michael Gundlach the creator and the owner of the Adblock refused to public the name of the buyer of his company because the users wants to be anonymous. Michael Gundlach also said that he will no longer be associated with Adblock and the Buyer’s company.

This week on their browser there was a popup message saying “I am selling my company, and the buyer is turning on Acceptable Ads,

Turning On Acceptable Ads

Nowadays Ad-blocking has become a huge problem for the websites that totally depend on Ad revenue.

But now they are changing the whole concept of ad-blocking, there will be a list of whitelist ads which are not blocked by default by the Adblocker.

This will also add a new source in the income of the company, till now company was only earning by donations or through direct payments for its software license. But Acceptable add will let the company earn more by allowing some ads on the websites. Obviously those websites will have to pay for this service.
It would be so early to jump to any conclusion that what should you do or what not? But I would suggest you to be aware about any future updates just to be on safer side.
Or you can use any other Ad blocking extension.

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