iOS 9.1 with new features

Apple is coming with new update of mobile operating system i.e. iOS 9.1 with number of new aspects and advancement like “LIVE PHOTOS”.A emoji of middle finger is the most awaited emoji and iOS 9.1 made it possible.

This is a first update after 9.0 so it is not going to excite the user so much but iOS 9.1 is featuring around 150 new emojis.It also have a support of Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 emojis.Unicode Consortium is a standard set on which these emojis are based.

Instead of demanded character and images,some additional emojis are also included like a taco,hot dog,cheese,pepper,popcorn,champagne bottle,burrito,turkey,crab,squirrel,lion,unicorn,prayer beads and worship places,up-down smiley,dollar sign in eyes and thinking face etc.

Another noticeable change is enhanced feature of LIVE PHOTO.It will not record the unusual moments like raising and lowering of iphone because it will intelligently sense it.

Ofcourse some fixing of bugs and improvement are coming with iOS 9.1.

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iOS 9.1 include –

  1. Stability is improved like carplay,music,photos,safari,search.
  2. During Multitasking UI performance is improved.
  3. Calendar issue is fixed.
  4. Updation of some application from app store is also fixed.
  5. Activation error of some carrier is resolved.
  6. Resolve an issue of zoomed the content of some apps.

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