Explore and Search Exploit in Metasploit

Metasploit having a big name, when we talking about security. Metasploit was written in Perl as a portable network tool, In 2007 the Metasploit  Freamwork has completely rewritten in Ruby. In October 2009, the Metasploit Framework has been acquired by Rapid7, which is a security company that provides unified vulnerability management solution.

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Metasploit is leading software vulnerability advisory using third parity Metasploit, Exploit Module  that highlights the exploit-ability, risk and remediation of that particular bug.

The MSFconsole has many core commands with different option to chosen from.

back          Move back from the current context
banner        Display an awesome metasploit banner
cd            Change the current working directory
color         Toggle color
connect       Communicate with a host
edit          Edit the current module with $VISUAL or $EDITOR
exit          Exit the console
get           Gets the value of a context-specific variable
getg          Gets the value of a global variable
go_pro        Launch Metasploit web GUI
grep          Grep the output of another command
help          Help menu
info          Displays information about one or more module
irb           Drop into irb scripting mode
jobs          Displays and manages jobs
kill          Kill a job
load          Load a framework plugin
loadpath      Searches for and loads modules from a path
makerc        Save commands entered since start to a file
popm          Pops the latest module off the stack and makes it active
previous      Sets the previously loaded module as the current module
pushm         Pushes the active or list of modules onto the module stack
quit          Exit the console
reload_all    Reloads all modules from all defined module paths
rename_job    Rename a job
resource      Run the commands stored in a file
route         Route traffic through a session
save          Saves the active datastores
search        Searches module names and descriptions
sessions      Dump session listings and display information about sessions
set           Sets a context-specific variable to a value
setg          Sets a global variable to a value
show          Displays modules of a given type, or all modules
sleep         Do nothing for the specified number of seconds
spool         Write console output into a file as well the screen
threads       View and manipulate background threads
unload        Unload a framework plugin
unset         Unsets one or more context-specific variables
unsetg        Unsets one or more global variables
use           Selects a module by name
version       Show the framework and console library version numbers

In this guide we explore how to search exploit.

Explore and Search Exploit in Metasploit

vipin@kali:~$ msfconsole

     .~+P``````-o+:.                                      -o+:.
.+oooyysyyssyyssyddh++os-`````                        ```````````````          `
--.`                 .-.-...-////+++++++++++++++////////~~//////++++++++++++///
                                `...............`              `...-/////...`

                                  .::::::::::-.                     .::::::-
                                  -Nd`  :MMMMMMMMMMM$$MMMMMN&&MMMMMMMMMMMMh`
                                   -Nh` .yMMMMMMMMMM$$MMMMMN&&MMMMMMMMMMMm/
    `oo/``-hd:  ``                 .sNd  :MMMMMMMMMM$$MMMMMN&&MMMMMMMMMMm/
      .yNmMMh//+syysso-``````       -mh` :MMMMMMMMMM$$MMMMMN&&MMMMMMMMMMd
    .shMMMMN//dmNMMMMMMMMMMMMs`     `:```-o++++oooo+:/ooooo+:+o+++oooo++/
          /MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMd.     `/++-.-yy/...osydh/-+oo:-`o//...oyodh+
          -hMMmssddd+:dMMmNMMh.     `.-=mmk.//^^^\\.^^`:++:^^o://^^^\\`::
          .sMMmo.    -dMd--:mN/`           ||--X--||          ||--X--||
=====================| Session one died of dysentery. |=========================

                     Press ENTER to size up the situation

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: April 25, 1848 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Weather: It's always cool in the lab %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Health: Overweight %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Caffeine: 12975 mg %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Hacked: All the things %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

                        Press SPACE BAR to continue

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       =[ metasploit v4.11.5-2016010401                   ]
+ -- --=[ 1517 exploits - 875 auxiliary - 257 post        ]
+ -- --=[ 437 payloads - 37 encoders - 8 nops             ]
+ -- --=[ Free Metasploit Pro trial: http://r-7.co/trymsp ]

msf > 

this is a nice tool that search specific exploit.

msf > searchsploit wordpress denial

After that the output will be come like this :-

msf > searchsploit wordpress denial
[*] exec: searchsploit wordpress denial

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
 Exploit Title                                                                                                     |  Path
                                                                                                                   | (/usr/share/exploitdb/platforms)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
WordPress 1.x/2.0.x - Pingback SourceURI Denial of Service and Information Disclosure Vulnerability                | ./php/webapps/29522.py
WordPress <= 4.0 - Denial of Service Exploit                                                                       | ./php/dos/35413.php
Wordpress < 4.0.1 - Denial of Service                                                                              | ./php/dos/35414.txt
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

For more help you can use with -h option

msf >searchsploit -h
msf > searchsploit -h
[*] exec: searchsploit -h

  Usage: searchsploit [options] term1 [term2] ... [termN]
  searchsploit afd windows local
  searchsploit -t oracle windows

   -c, --case     Perform a case-sensitive search (Default is insensitive).
   -h, --help     Show this help screen.
   -t, --title    Search just the exploit title (Default is title AND the file's path).
   -v, --verbose  Verbose output. Title lines are allowed to overflow their columns.
   -w, --www      Show URLs to Exploit-DB.com rather than local path.
       --colour   Disable colour highlighting.
       --id       Display EDB-ID value rather than local path.

 * Use any number of search terms, in any order.
 * Search terms are not case sensitive, and order is irrelevant.
   * Use '-c' if you wish to reduce results by case-sensitive searching.
* Use '-t' to exclude the file's path to filter the search results.
   * Could possibly remove false positives (especially when searching numbers).
 * When updating from git or displaying help, search terms will be ignored.


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