Yes it is true, British Intelligence agency has the power to hack any Smartphone in the World. This fact was disclosed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, he told the BBC investigate programme Panorama that British Intelligence agency GCHQ can hack any Smartphone without their owner’s knowledge.

They have a special set of tools, they call it Smurf Suite which let them take over any Smartphone by just sending a text message. Isn’t it outlandish?

A Light on Capabilities of Tool

By just sending a text message to a smartphone, the tool let them spy

  • Files and Web History
  • Messages and Photos
  • Secret Pictures of Smartphone’s owner
  • Exact location of the Smartphone
  • Also listen to What is happening around

Moreover tool allows the agency to spy any smartphone even when the Phone is turned OFF.

How the Tool Works

The Smurf Tool is the combination of various tools, also there are individual names for every tool and also the specified work.

  • Dreamy Smurf: It controls the power of the smartphone.
  • Nosey Smurf: It lets the agency to turn ON the microphone and listen to the owner’s conversation, it also works when the phone is turned OFF.
  • Tracker Smurf: This tool lets the agency to follow the location of the owner with more accuracy.
  • Paranoid Tool: It doesn’t let the owner know that someone has taken the whole control over his device.

Snowden Also told to BCC on Monday that “Specially crafted message that is texted to your number like any other message but when it arrives at your phone it is hidden from you, it does not display. You paid for it [smartphone] but whoever controls the software owns the phone.”

Role of NSA

Snowden also told that this technology comes from National Security Agency (NSA), which provides “tasking and direction” to its UK branch and they have already Spent $ 1 Billion on the same program in US itself.

Snowden also added that he is ready to accept the jail in US. “I have volunteered to go to prison with the government many times,” he told to programme Panorama.

But the response of former director of NSA is as follow

Snowden has destroyed their ability to protect the lives of the people with his betrayal. “If you’re asking me my opinion, he’s going to die in Moscow, He’s not coming home.” Hayden told to BBC.

British Intelligence Agency can hack any Smartphone.

We don’t know what Snowden is doing, Right or wrong. But today,

Edward Snowden is the Most wanted person in the world for US.

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