If you think that the data you keep in your phone is confidential then you must read this. A report claims that some smartphones are coming with the pre-installed spywares. On a research done by G Data (a security firm) it is found that more than a dozen smartphones by  some leading smartphones manufacturers including Xiaomi, Lenovo etc have pre-installed spywares in its firmware.

Also it was found by the same firm that star N9500 smartphone has capability to spy on users last year, therefore it can access users data and conversations without the user’s knowledge.

“An estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide use their a smartphone or tablet to go online. Chatting, surfing and shopping are possible at any time and from anywhere thanks to smartphones and tablets. In parallel with this development, the number of malware apps has sharply increased in the past three years. Over the past year we have been observing a significant increase in devices that are equipped with firmware-level spyware and malware out of the box.”- by Christian Geschkat, responsible for the Mobile Solutions team at G DATA


Spyware is a technology by which one can steal someone’s data or can track someone’s system without his knowledge. Spyware is a programming that is put in someone’s system secretly to collect his information and transfer it to the interested party. Spyware can enter a system through software virus or a result of installing a new program.

The Data You Keep In Your Mobile Is Not Secure: Pre-Installed Spywares in Smartphones


The spyware is masked by Facebook and other apps like Google drive. And it is not easy to remove the spyware from the phone, until the unlocking of the phone is done as the spyware rests in firmware.

This spyware is capable of viewing and copying the contacts, it can also access to internet and install unwanted apps. It can breach the privacy of a user, It can listen to the phone calls, send and view MMS/SMS, ask for location data, taking and copying images, it can also record the calls using microphones. It will also disable the functions of the antivirus you use and can also steal your browser history.

The reason behind these pre-installed spywares is assumed to steal user data and inject advertisement to earn money. Although there are possibilities that these could be intensional interference by government agencies.


Some of the leading brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Alps, Xido are affected from these pre-installed spywares. This is not the first time that the devices come with pre-installed spywares.

Last year the MI4 LTE was founded to have the pre-installed spyware, also the coolpad came with the pre-installed backdoor.

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