Apple Special Big Event 2015

Apple Special Big Event

 Massive Apple Event : Here is the outcome of the most awaited event that met at Bill Civic Auditorium in San Francisco few hours ago. Apple again announced a bunch of hardware. Here is the brief of everything you should know.

The Massive Apple Event: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus


iPhone 6s

iPhone is the most popular brand in the world, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled dyad of new iPhones.

The new devices include a load of new features also including 3D touch. This is the major transformation in the way how users interact with their iPhones. Also the other features of the iPhone received the upgrades.

As expected apple has upgraded the camera, iPhone for the first time will have 12-mp camera with 4K video recording. Front camera also received an upgrade, front camera will be 5mp with retina flash. Also there are upgrades in the performance of the device. The new device is powered with 2GB Ram. The device is loaded with the 64-bit A9 chip that will enhance the performance of the device. The device will support wifi up to 866 mbps, with 300 mbps LTE.

The pre orders of the device will start from 12 September and the device launch date will be September 25. The iPhone 6s and 6s plus will start at $119 and $299 respectively for the phones on a 2-year contract. Apple also introduced the Apple Upgrade Plan which means the customers will be able to upgrade their iPhones each year for a monthly rate, starting at $32/month.

The 3D Touch


iPhone 6s 3D Touch

Apple announced the 3D touch technology for the new iPhone that will empower the device to sense pressure and differentiate between the tap and press. 3D touch is all about saving users tap and providing them the ease to do the task.

The new 12-mp camera


iPhone 6s and 6s Plus camera

In the event Apple unveiled that they are getting very serious about the photography. Both of the new phones are coming up with the 12-mp rear camera that can record 4K videos. The front facing camera is going to be 5mp and will come with the new feature called try-tone flash, which allows the users to take selfie in the low light condition. Apple also announced the new super bizarre feature that is nothing but live photos, these photos are not videos but the 12mp stitched photo bursts with audio.

 The Massive Apple Event: New Apple TV


New Apple TV

Apple announced the new Apple TV on Wednesday, Apple believes that the future of the TV lies in apps. So, Tim Cook spent most of the time in event talking on siri and OS. Apple unveiled tvOS with powerful siri support.

Apple is looking forward for the casual gaming on the TV. They showed off a few couch-friendly games. The games are obviously not going tackling console games anytime soon but the remort has some wiimote-style motion controls.

The Apple TV starts at $149 for a 32GB version.

The Massive Apple Event: iPad Pro


Apple iPAD Pro

Apple unveiled an eventual powerhouse tablet on Wednesday with the iPad pro. The device will have beautiful 12.9” screen. The Apple has also introduced a couple of new hardware for the iPad pro.

Specification of the device below:

  • 9” screen, 2,732*2,048 display.
  • A9X chip which is 1.8 times faster than A8
  • 9mm thin, weighs 1.57 lbs
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 8MP iSight camera
  • Touch ID
  • Powerful four speaker audio

Apple also talked about the new stylus for iPad which will cost $99, they call it Apple pencil.

Apple watch was also discussed in the event, the device received some new gold and rose gold finishes for the Apple watch sport.


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