The email of US Intelligence Chief Hacked!

The same teenager who hacked the AOL email of CIA Director John Brennan back in October last year has now hacked into personal email and phone accounts of the US National Intelligence’s Director James Clapper.

This teenager has already hacked into the CIA director and FBI Deputy Director’s Email. According to the reports the teenager call himself Cracka and he is a member of a hacking group Crackas with Attitude, who has been the headlines many times last year for his deeds.

Information of US Intelligence Chief Hacked Accounts

Cracka claims that he had the access to a series of accounts which are connected to Clapper, and he also claims that he also had access to the email of his wife.

The List is Below:

-> Home telephone account

-> Internet accounts

-> Personal email accounts

-> Chief’s wife Yahoo email account

On the incident the response of the spokesperson from the office of Director of National intelligence was so casual. He confirmed the intrusion on Tuesday and said that they were aware of the attack and they have reported the attack to the responsible authorities. He declined to provide any further details of the hack.

Getting into the Clapper’s account was not enough for the hacker, he also claims that he has changed the setting of Chief’s Verizon FiOS account, now every incoming call to his wife’s number will be directed to the Free Palestine Movement.

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How Cracka hacked into the Chief’s Account

This hack is most likely the result of social engineering techniques. The hacker guessed the Clapper’s password or security question by spying on him through internet searches and other means.

Although the absolute technique was not disclosed by the hacker but agencies are trying to find out how he did this to prevent further loses.

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