PlayStations and Smartphones wasn’t enough for Sony. Sony has launched its all new smart home Appliance; Sony smart bulb that can do the tasks beyond one’s imagination. It is the greatest advancement in the smart light bulbs technology.

Other smart light bulb was developed by Toshiba which can be connected with your smartphone and you can remotely turn it ON and OFF using your smartphone. But Sony smart bulb is far more advance.

About Sony smart bulb

Sony’s smart bulb has got a bunch of sensors which includes:

  • Sensors for motion,
  • Humidity,
  • Luminance,
  • And temperature.

It also has infrared controller, speakers, a microphone and even a microSD card.

Sony smart bulb can do many things such as turning on the light when you enter the room, it can also play music or playback your home phone’s answering machine.

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Along with the entertainment purposes it can also be used for security purposes. It can work as intercom between the rooms, it can even connect to your alarm system. All this just by connecting your smartphone with the Sony smart bulb.

The unfortunate news is that, the smart bulb is only available in Japan right now, but it is expected to make way to the rest of the world by the half of this year.

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