The report of shipping over 50% of apple’s smartwatches in 2015 says – that apple is still not in mood to release the real sales figure out for its apple watch, of the reason that this wearable device is not the company`s misstep.

According, to the new report it has been found that apple smart watches are doing far better than any other smartwatch in the market. The previous report which was released by Juniper researched that apple has shipped approximately 51.5% of the smartwatches in 2015 all in the market.  Moreover, the study estimates that around 17.1 million of smartwatches has been sold worldwide.

What should be noted here is that “50% of smartwatches has been shipped in 2015”, according to the wordings of the report. As the title indicates that apple smartwatches are in the lead.

Alternatively, the report also concludes that this power device made up just 10% of the shipments of smartwatches in 2015. It would be important and essential to note that the report does not include the wearable devices such as FitBit.

Smartwatches are – “the wrist-based variables that emulates traditional watch form factors, as well as providing additional digital functionality”

~by Juniper

“The smartwatch is now a category waiting for a market”, said James Moar who is the research analyst at Juniper who led this study.

The apple watches are expected to be the main attraction that apple is hosting on Monday. It is expected that it will announce the final details of the device including prices, models and the date at which it would be in the market.  Apple will need to upgrade its device as apple`s watch hardware is less attractive than  the rivals such as Huawei watch, battery life is not as long as other watches and the prices may be the challenge for some of the consumers.

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