Start from 15/Nov/2014 see here Basics Linux exploits 

To learn hacking is art , and to do hacking is also an art . Similarly friends to teach hacking is an ART . So Friends I am bit confuse that from where to start hacking tutorials . Actually this is because I don’t know about the skills of our followers .
So I need some suggestions from you in regarding from where to start these tutorials.Please give your valuable suggestion by in comments . There are few options , please choose which will be more beneficial for you.

  1. From the basics i.e., Installing Linux on dual-boot and some commands.
  2. Second step “Direct from assembly language and it’s use”
  3. Skip first and second part and start from just a quick back revision.
  4. Direct start by exploiting .

Believe me friends if you don’t know one of the above step you can’t jump on another level , that’s why I am asking it from you.
After the end of these tutorials we will conduct a hackathon or series of test for you. So be ready for it and register with us for free so that you will not miss any of our tutorials.
Thanks for your support.

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