Firstly, we should know about VDI. It stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It is a practice which hosts desktop operating system within a Virtual Machine (VM) running on a centralized server. It allows to centrally managing thin client machines.  If you plan and make yourself already aware of the top and common mistakes made in deploying VDI by organizations then you are less burdened by the errors.

A principal analyst at Forrester research says-“A lack of understanding of who and how people will use VDI, along with not fully knowing what the user experience will be like and what the technologies are and are not capable of, are all factors that can create obstacles.”

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~David Johnson

Common VDI deployment mistakes are:


The first factor for VDI interest is the typically the cost savings-by Johnson. In the name of saving money when organizations make up for disappointment when they say no to invest in the ideal solution just to meet their specific needs.

Johnson says that-

”If cost saving is your primary reason for turning to VDI, you could be working against yourself.”

“A lack of end user acceptance is one of the major reasons why VDI can fail, and if you are not spending money on the right things that can negatively impact the final product.”



Johnson explains that companies regret of net getting any outside help throughout the execution phase as well as the planning stages. Each and every organization thinks that they can tackle and handle any of the projects by their means and by their attitude of handling things and intelligent skills. It is necessary to find a person who has an experience with VDI. If you opt to go further with the service provider then according to the Johnson words and suggestion that one should look for the best for the project`s scope.



Johnson says that VDI is the best tool for the job which is seen and noticed in many of the cases, but if in some circumstances it is not which may happen then organization is not required to put additional technologies.

“Sometimes it means using three or four different technologies to have the right delivery model for the way people want to use software.”


If you have a very clear idea in your mind and the factors which will drive up your VDI interest, it is going to be far easier to implement technologies which will surely take you to higher levels and will award you with a better experience overall.

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