Malware attack on Facebook

On Friday malware attack on Facebook is reported. Malware attack on Facebook infected more than 110,000 users. There are some pornography links on Facebook. When user click these links to see video a video is shown. After some time video stops and a notification arise that your flash need to update. When user update his/her adobe flash player using that link a malware aromatically installed on your computer.

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Propagation of malware attack on Facebook (Magnet)

This technique is named as magnet in which malware gets more visibility by tagging the friends of victim in malicious post. Friends of victim’s friends also see this post which speed up malware process.


Background technique of malware attack on Facebook:

when a user install a fake flash player on its background process “chromium.exe”, “wget.exe”,”arsiv.exe”,”verclsid.exe” automatically installed and malware is able to hijack keyboard and mouse at its initial investigation and network try to connect “” and “” websites.



Don’t open porn video from social networking site as it may contain virus as recently watched a malware attack on Facebook. There are many website available for this purpose so avoid pornography from social networking and visit pornography website directly :P.




The things you must keep in your mind don’t install fake flash player

  • cdcc132fad2e819e7ab94e5e564e8968 ( MD5 of executable file is fake flash player)
  • b836facdde6c866db5ad3f582c86a7f99db09784 ( SHA1 of executable file is fake flash player)


Another attack which also disturb Facebook user is phishing. In which attacker create a similar page of website and user login using that page. When user enter user name and password in its input fields it save that information in the data base and redirect the user to its original website page thus in this way hacker access user id and password.

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