The hacked data of Ashley Madison website is been a reason for many criminal activities since it’s data is dumped on to the dark web (also known as deep web) two weeks back. But the new site Gizmodo revealed some shocking secrets about Ashley Madison. According to analysis done by Gizmodo, there was rarely any activity by 5.5 million female subscribers of Ashley Madison. Also the number of female subscribers is very less than the number of male subscribers that is estimated to be about 31 million.

The analysis  of the Ashley Madison data, which was released on the dark web, which is not readily reachable to most internet users, reveals the secret that most of the female accounts on the website were fake or created by the automated bots.

Fake Women’s profiles

Further examination of the matter discloses one more secret that out of 5.5 million female profiles most of the accounts were inactive from a long time, many of them didn’t talk to any man even a single time. It seems like the accounts are inactive from the date on which they were created. The data showed only 1,492 women had checked their messages which is a very fewer numbers if we compare it with the number of men (i.e 21 million). Gizmodo also found that 11 million men logged on for the chat system but only 2,409 women did so.

IP addresses of female could be traced back to Ashley Madison itself

The Gizmodo team also found that a big number IP addresses of female could be traced back to Ashley Madison itself and also the most popular surname in the database was of the on you can never believe, that surname matched the name of a woman who worked at Ashley Madison 10 years back.

“Women did not pay to join, the only way to get the number of female members active was to know how many of them paid to deactivate their accounts that was just about 12,000.” the report said.

Disgusting! Ashley Madison was Building an App – ‘What’s your Wife Worth?’

ashley madison hack, Shocking secrets about Ashley Madison

Now this one is the worst thing Avid Life Media, Ashley’s parent company want’s to do. ‘What’s your wife worth‘ was discovered while they are exploring June 2013 email exchange between Noel Biderman, ALM’s CEO and Brian Offenheim, ALM’s vice president of creative and design.

He suggested options like "Choice should be 'post your wife' and 'bid on someone's wife'," also mentioning: "I am not sure we should be asking for real names—rather usernames." 

Somehow idea was dumped as one of their colleague referred the idea horrible and the app development was not completed.

We are in a dilemma – whether the person referred to app’s development as horrible or the idea behind the thought of developing such an app!

The parent company of Ashley Madison, Avid Life Media refused to comment anything on the report. But if true there are signs that there were only few extramarital affairs.

The company has also offered about a half million dollar for disclosing the identity of the hackers who stole almost everything from the website and made it public. The Toronto police said that “the two suicides may have link with the data breach or some personal blackmailing”.According to analysis the main motive of the hackers was to shut down the website. They considered it as a cheating website and they were in the oppose of the slogan “Life is short, Have an affair”.

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