It’s always a matter of attraction when money is in the frame of attack. So It’s time to get into the users PayPal account.. Paypal provides online / ebay pay service  and uses by most of the users on web.
As I say before Sometime security professionals will mistakenly believe and publish the statement:“The vulnerability is not exploitable.”  but the Black HAT hackers know that every vulnerability is exploitable. They know that just because one person could not find an exploit to the vulnerability , that doesn’t mean someone else won’t find it.It’s all about matter of time and skill level.
This time Mr Yasser Ali An Egyptian engineer who left his main career as a  mechanical engineer to work at the Information Security found vulnerability in PayPal user authentication system. He found three critical vulnerability .

How Yaseer find Vulnerability in PayPal user authentication system?

He found  vulnerability in PayPal user authentication system in three steps

  1. Reusable CSRF Token

  2. Bypassing the CSRF Auth System

  3. ByPassing the Security Questions Change

It’s almost same way as we found bug in facebook verification page .You can check all these steps in Yaseer’s Blog.

Do you also want to Learn How to find these vulnerabilities and how to exploit them ?

If there is a Question in your mind that how they find vulnerabilities in PayPal or facebook or whatsapp or in any other authentication system ,you should follow our tutorials on Exploit here.

Starting from ethics of Ethical Hacking

You must try to Exploit Paypal user authentication system to Learn exploit and practice on it but keep in mind not to harm any user just use it for your practice as  “Practice makes a man perfect” but no body is perfect in the universe of hacking .

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According to TheHackerNews PayPals SpokesPerson release a statement that