Twitter is now testing the autoplay videos feature for user’s news feed . It seems that twitter is now following the facebook’s autoplay videos feature. Facebook included it in 2013 and has seen big success through it.

CEO of facebook mark Zuksburg recently said:
the site gets 3 billion video views each day.

Autoplay videos already in use by Instagram(Now owned by facebook) and facebook, and it has seen big success. This test applies to the promoted video ads , clips uploaded to twitter and it’s Amplify program . A video is said to be watched if it plays for 3 sec . As we can see in Instagram application for Android and IOS ,Video get played without any click while to ON video’s sound we need to tap on that video.

They use cache process to autoplay video in news feed . Before we reach on post the video is saved in cache and as soon as we reach on particular post which include video ,it fetch the pre-loaded video from cache and played it without any click. While some of users find this feature annoying because it play videos without user permission.

Autoplay videos feature is great deal for Video ads

That is great deal for the promoted video ads as users must see that promoted video advertisement while go through it in their  news feed .
Twitter is testing it with two version of autoplay videos: Some users will see entire loop of video or in other words whole video in a repeating loop while other users will see a loop of six second video.

Videos from six second vine app(Now owned by twitter) would not automatically play in news feed.

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This move of twitter is to takeover the site like google’s youtube. As we all know only youtube is the big name in the world of Social Video so it’s easy to grab the market of social video. Twitter already have purchased Vine, Amplify and MeerKat App. Twitter also accepts that they are creating a clone of youtube . It simply means that twitter want to grab the social media including social video market that’s why they are more focused on video streaming .

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