Yes, all you would have heard about Facebook’s assistant the news is absolutely right and if never heard then don’t worry we are here to clarify and tell you all about the “Facebook’s M”.

Facebook M

Facebook M a virtual assistant: Competitor to Siri, Google Now, Cortana

Facebook has finally revealed its new ‘M’ a virtual assistant. Unlike, the Siri for Apple, Cortana for Microsoft, and Google now for Google now Facebook M for Facebook that can do anything from telling you jokes to ordering concert tickets. M looks like a promising and formidable competitor to Siri, Google Now, Cortana and all the other “assistants” built for smartphones, but it needs to work out the weird kinks. M has more capabilities than Apple and Google’s tools in practical filed, but don’t offer the intimate integration into your phone that those services do. As such Siri is incapable of ordering you dinner and the Google Now cannot you’re your next fun spot.

Facebook M is currently only available as part of a limited invite-only beta, in San Francisco. The M is in beta and not available for everyone usage yet. At Wealthcoin, the Jackson Fall head of the product has accessed and used the M and his reviews had helped to lighten up this topic.

Facebook M symbol

What “M” can do and what not?

We will go step by step telling you what M can do and what not.

  1. Can it tell the jokes?

Yes. It can.

  1. Can we set up daily tasks using M?

          Yes. M can setup daily tasks for example if you text M like sending a motivational message every morning your work will be done at 9 A.M. And M will wake you up at 9sharp with a motivational message on your smartphone.

  1. What about the suggestions part?

         Again a big yes. Stuck somewhere? Need help M will surely help. You just need to type your problem and M will search and will come back with interesting suggestions or events.

  1. Can M suggest the places or locations for roaming or clubbing?

          Form the recommendations for fast food or new place for clubbing which will b the things most searched. The M will search the places related to what you typed and will bring the names as in reply.

  1. What about the random questions?

           The random question about places or details of the next coming train or anything M will answer your every question and if possible with a screenshot from Google Maps or Google search.

  1. Any limitation of M?

           Yes. There are limits to the practical knowledge M provide.  Asking it for coding advice or anything related to coding M gets stumped here, although it knew what framework actually is.

  1. How much does it require replying back?M is fast most of the times it would take a few seconds for the simple questions but even an hour could be taken by M to reply back for harder questions. It you throw a real curveball like questions than it would be difficult for M to answer or even with fairly disappointed results.
  2. What about if I ask about top list of songs?M would show you the top list of songs from the YouTube channel.


The question now rises that what M can’t do? M can do almost anything unless and until it’s illegal. So if you ask M to order weed for you with the right documents and doctor prescription, it would refuse to do so. Things get weird when you start asking M to have an opinion on things. We tried asking M if it’s allowed to have an opinion and it replied that it doesn’t have an opinion on having an opinion. Originally M is made by using artificial intelligence, for some the question the M is trained and some what the thing are left will be modified with time by the team.

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