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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Virtualization in Mac | How to create Virtual machine in Virtual Box?

Virtual Machine Virtual machines are machines or systems that do not physically exist but gives the feel of working on a physical machine or system. To create a virtual machine,...


Twitter- the highly popular online and social-networking service where users post and read tweets, which are of 140 character length. This social networking giant was created in March 2006....
whatsapp vs whatsapp plus

Recently Whatsapp Banned users for using Whatsapp Plus Application

OOOOhh cut off with friends due to using watsapp plus :( i missed my friends , my watsapp plus stop working :`( ...
pentestbox , pentest box

PentestBox: A Portable Penetration Testing Distribution for Windows Environments

Download SourceForge                                              Download Torrent PentestBox is a...
Astrospeak feature image

Astrospeak Mobile App : Your Personal Astrologer

Download Astrospeak : Download New mobile app by Times Internet, Astrospeak that is all set to help you plan your day better with a host of astrological services around career, personal...

Viber Vs Whatsapp Vs BBM Vs Messenger: A Close War

Hey friends, nowadays days we are addicted of social networking and messaging on which we can share text , pictures, videos, and other stuffs . So there are many...
Vivo X5 Max: Slimmest Phone

Vivo X5 Max: Slimmest Phone

Vivo X5 Max: Slimmest Phone A Chinese Brand Vivo comes with a new smart phone "Vivo X5 Max: Slimmest "Phone" in Indian market on 15 December 2014( Monday) . According...
Hacking with Android Smartphone using zANTI 2

Hacking with Android Smartphone using zANTI2

Download zANTI 2.2(Apk) Hacking with Android Smartphone using zANTI2 zANTI2 is a Network Analysis and penetration suit developed by ZImperium family as a software developer and researcher, the name zANTI2 comes...
Asus ROG GX700 Top Gaming Loptop 2016

Top Gaming Laptop 2016

Here we are with Top Gaming Laptop 2016. When someone discuss about gaming laptop, most probably they are looking for a laptop which is good in both "Portability and Power"....
idm giveaway by buffercode

IDM : The Best Download Manager

IDM(Internet Download Manager) There is no need to mention that IDM(internet download manager) is the best and our favourite download manager . It comes with the many useful features like :It...

DELL INSPIRON 15 7000 review

DELL INSPIRON 15 7000 Dell inspiron 15 7000 has an accurate touch screen with above-average battery life and the most important with a low starting price. The dell inspiron 15...
Shocking secrets about Ashley Madison

Shocking secrets about Ashley Madison: Women were actually not using the website

The hacked data of Ashley Madison website is been a reason for many criminal activities since it’s data is dumped on to the dark web (also known as deep...

Samsung Galaxy A8 images show Samsung’s thinnest smartphone again, fingerprint scanner confirmed

The existence of the Galaxy A8 is not yet confirmed from any Samsung's officials, the handset is almost certainly coming soon. The Samsung Galaxy A8 measures 158 x 76.77...
Xiaomi Mi 4 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

Xiaomi Mi 4 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G to be sold offline via ‘The...

Xiaomi Mi 4 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G will be available offline on Mobile Store outlets at Delhi-NCR. This time Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi comes with new idea to sell their...
Facebook M symbol

Facebook M a virtual assistant : What M can do and what not?

Yes, all you would have heard about Facebook’s assistant the news is absolutely right and if never heard then don’t worry we are here to clarify and tell you...
wannacry ransomware cyber attack

WannaCry ransomware attack: Largest Ransomware Attack In The History

By now, we are sure that you have heard something about wannacry ransomware. There may be a lot of questions in your mind such as What is wannacry ?...
WordPress XMLPRC: Brute Force Amplification Attack

WordPress XML-RPC: Brute Force Amplification Attack

It is always interesting to hear about the bugs in world’s most famous systems, this time it is WordPress. Yes the world’s most famous content management system is vulnerable...
Top 5 android apps a programmer must have

Top 5 Android Apps a Programmer must have

It's time to do something exciting for Android users, here we are presenting Top 5 Android Apps a Programmer must have . If you are a programmer or Love...

Finally Hackers Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data Onto Dark Web

Ashley Madison, the largest cheating website with the tag line " Life is short. Have an affair " was hacked by the group of hackers called itself The Impact Team . And...

New Gmail inbox which will work on what you need and totally different

New Gmail Inbox: Now Google has introduced new Gmail inbox. This inbox has been made by Gmail team. It is totally differ from previous inbox. It provides innovative features. It...

The Google Chromebit: Now turn any screen into Computer

Google’s cheapest portable PC is now ready, Google and Asus are finally done with their new micro Chrome OS computer, and they call it Chromebit. The price of the device...
WhatsApp vCard vulnerable

Security Flaw found in WhatsApp : 200 million users are at Risk

Security Flaw found in WhatsApp: 200 million users are at Risk     You will be shocked to know that about 200 million users of the world’s most famous instant messaging service...
whatsapp from web browser

Use Whatsapp from web browser: Official Release for PC

Omg!!! Omg!!! You can use WhatsApp from your web browser!!!! Can't believe ..... Just the end of humor ..... :).Whatsapp official release for browser , now you can access...
facebook verification page has bug

Facebook verification page has bug found by team Buffercode

Note: I already send report for this bug , I  hope Team Facebook will change their algorithm for this page.  New Bug has found by team Buffercode in Facebook It's always...
Best Cloud 2015 logo

Best 10 Cloud Storage services 2015: DropBox vs BOX vs OneDrive vs Google Drive...

Best 10 Cloud Storage services 2015: DropBox vs BOX vs OneDrive vs Google Drive vs  iCloud vs Amazon Cloud vs Bitcasa vs SugarSync vs Mozy vs Livedrive       Cloud storage is...
Good News For Gamers: Oculus reduces their Rift and controllers price

Good News For Gamers: Oculus reduces their Rift and controllers price

Oculus VR , one of the most famous company of making virtual reality headset hardware and software products. Palmer Luckey is the founder of this company. He founded this American...